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Welcome to Conundrum;

We are a laid back Horde guild on the Staghelm server, mostly social/leveling though we will do dungeons and raids. We strive to help guild members out in every way, whether it is help with leveling, questing, dungeons, gearing, gemming or enchants. We are not, and never will become a very large guild so that we can keep it member friendly. You can do what you like: questing, dungeons, raids, or pvp, there is no pressure!

If a raid is scheduled anyone may sign up. Your experience or gear (as long as it is the required level for the run) does not matter. We will learn the fights together with no severe consequences for screwing up (but you will be occasionally laughed at if you fall off a bridge or something!). We are here for fun, our motto is, "If it ain't fun, then don't play".

Rules are simple:
1) Be friendly.
2) Be willing to help others.
3) No drama!!!!
4) Be respectful of all members. 
5) Expect consequences for bad behavior.
6) No spamming, annoying macros, begging or whining.       

Pretty simple, huh? We are not elitist snobs who have forgotten that this is a game and meant to be enjoyed as such. If you sign up for a raid, be raid ready. If you can't make a raid, please let someone know ahead of time so that a fill-in can be found. We do ask that new recruits who are not known to existing members, be at least 16 years old, as our language is quite salty at times.

- Krassik, GM of Conundrum

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We are always looking for new fun-loving people, ask any member to join or post a request.
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